Our Mission


Is to spark a whole new level of empowerment; empathy & kindness to the world.


I would like to see each and every person of all ages who feel self conscious about their scars, visible and non visible to change the way they see themselves and how others perceive them. To be comfortable and proud in their own truth.

I know first hand this feeling. Here is a bit of my story;

On Halloween night - October 31, 1988, at the young age of 20, instead of enjoying the evening and spending time with all my friends, I was being rushed to the hospital due to severe pain and bleeding.

It was obvious something was going terribly wrong with my body. (leading up to this moment I had been very sick but hid it from everyone). This was the beginning of a very intense 3 year battle of endless doctor appointments, tests, scans, scopes, multiple medications, and plenty of overextended hospital stays.

Finally, we had diagnoses... SEVERE ULCERATIVE COLITIS... I was so happy and thought "GREAT" now we know what's wrong let's CURE IT! **PROBLEM** THERE WAS NO CURE...  AND THERE STILL ISN'T...

As the years passed, my body started to deteriorate, raging a war against itself, everything we tried failed. 

Then on January 27, 1992. I ultimately needed to have a Lifesaving/changing surgery. Which has left me with a large scar from my breast bone around my belly button down my abdomen to the top of my pelvic bone.

Since having surgery, It has forced me to make many life-altering changes, because living with Ulcerative Colitis is not easy, every day is a challenge and requires specific attention. 

Although living with these daily challenges. I feel that my life has been gifted as well as very rewarding. Thanks to the support of my four wonderful children, and my amazingly supportive husband.  

 We all have a story to tell; My hope is if someone sees an individual wearing this quote, it will spark a conversation allowing someone to feel comfortable to talk about their story.  

Sincerely yours,

Dawn Becker

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